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Below please find some testimonials from people we have helped in the past.
It will give you a real feel for the sort of work we do and how we can help you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help, support and advice. I have been unfairly disciplined on several occasions and made to feel guilty.  Innocent people have become part of the bullying without knowing so.


I contacted HR & Diversity Management at a time when I was experiencing difficulties at work and they assessed my case and made sure I was properly informed of my rights and options open to me.  I thank HR&DM for their expertise, which enabled me to achieve a satisfactory outcome. I am now able to move on with my life.


Thank you for helping me by providing professional support.  Your accuracy, analysis and support in such circumstances should be how all Human Recourses departments work.  I will keep in touch. I hope next year is a good and productive year for you.


I was really pleased that found there is such an organisation as yours, who can help me.  Thank you for everything you did to put me back on the right track.


Keep up the good fight.  You gave me the courage and strength to say no this is wrong to a very intimidating manager through time I think I’ll be a better man for it.  Your dear departed friend (Tim Field) would be so proud of you. Thanks.

JL xx

You are doing God’s work.   Thank goodness I found you when I did.


I could not have done without your advice and help through the grievance. As you know my case involves departmental bullying and in particular my manager and this young man (a colleague) who accused me.   I cannot express my thanks enough for your advice at a time when I thought I was going to take my life.   You are a great advisory, you know your stuff.   May the Lord bless you and keep you and thank you so very very very much.

Name withheld

I had been off work for a month with “work related Stress” due to bullying within the workplace.  HR & Diversity Management helped me with a plan to meet with my employer to discuss the issues and try to resolve a way forward to enable me return to work.  Without this help and support I don’t think that I would have been strong enough to stay in employment.    Thank you. May you continue with all your good work.

Name withheld

Many thanks for your call today and for your interest in my situation.  Your input, advice and assessment were all much appreciated as part of my route through the difficult situation in which I have found myself.  It is now time for me to begin picking up the pieces and to move on.  I appreciate your support with this and wish you well in your chosen path.


I would like to start by saying thank you not just for my case assessment, but also for being a friend who understands what this feels like. I don’t know how exactly I’m going to get through this however I do know I have to close the door on (Employer name).  I feel like this is all I’ve dealt with for months now. I know now in my head and my heart there is no way back after what has happened. This whole situation has to a large part has broken my nerves and confidence in my peers.  I just can’t take anymore.  The most important part of all of this is an employment specialist yourself could see what I did and that through time will hopefully heal my head and my heart. I cried for hours yesterday again.  I’m so tired now. When I needed my manager most he was not there and left me feeling so unsupported.


Your site has gone a long way to making me better informed about the enormity and impact bullying has on a great many people and become better able to cope with my sense of injustice and anxiety. I believe being better informed about the reality of your situation helps to understand why you are in it in the first place and better able to deal with it in a ‘calm’ way (well, calmish!). I will do what I can to support your site so, yes, you can put my sentence on the site but I have worked very, very hard to develop and maintain a strong relationship with my union and am at a critical stage at this time so my name really must not appear.

Name withheld

Thought I’d drop you a line as everyone likes a happy ending!  After your brilliant work on my behalf with XYZ Company, and my pay-out, I decided to have some time off before getting another job.  I start my new career (date provided) and I’m so excited and as I’ve still got enough money, I’m thinking of upgrading my car.   So, all in all thanks to you it was far less painful than the whole XYZ Company disaster could have been.   Thank you very much again for all your help and kindness.  Kind regards.

D x