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A person who hurts, persecutes or intimidates weaker people.  Collins English Dictionary 

Insecurity and lack of confidence may cause the bully to desire to control the individual, using aggressive, physical and psychological strategies.  The late Tim Field, Author of Bully in Sight 

Bullying is discrimination but it does not discriminate – we are all potential targets.  Bullying is Abuse of Power.  It is unwelcome attention that is so persistent and controlling in manner that it causes immense distress, often leading to stress that affects one’s ability to think clearly and function normally.   The Bully is often charming and persuasive and may even be the ambassador for the Employer in some way.  A bully may also be weak and feel insecure or threatened by those they bully.  Bullies can be manipulative and persuasive.  Often, a bully is oblivious of the affect his/her behaviour is having on their targets and, when challenged, they convince themselves, and others, that they are ‘not the problem’.   HR& Diversity Management Limited.

In this section we talk about Bullying Leglisation, Implied Terms, The Protection from Harassment Act, Collusion, Relevant Lawas and the managers role.

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