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24th April 1952 to 15th January 2006

Tim was a Non-Executive Director of HR & Diversity Management Limited prior to his untimely death in 2006.  The work that Tim Field and Christine Pratt started in the mid-1990’s to combat bullying, spanning a decade, was intrinsically and explicitly linked.  Presently, Tim’s website ( is neither hosted by Christine nor by her HR Consultancy HR & Diversity Management Ltd., although the domain was funded by Christine and David for a period of three years in the immediate aftermath of Tim’s premature death. 

Tim’s good work should never be destroyed nor re-written as it is regarded as somewhat of an international treasure – attracting interest outside the UK from Australia, New Zealand, America and other countries. Written ‘simply years ahead of it’s time’ has become Tim’s epitaph and will never fail to serve its original and brilliant purpose.

During the late 1990’s Christine and Tim worked on Tim’s website content together. Personnel articles, statistics and Case Law on were provided by Christine between 1996 and 2005.  Christine also assisted Tim with his book Bully In Sight, acknowledged by Tim in the book.  

In August 2003 Tim and Christine established the original ‘Field Foundation’ (not to be confused with the present Tim Field Foundation), along with Susan Little and Meg Clarke.  The ‘Field Foundation’ that Tim and Christine established is no longer in operation.

In January 2005 Tim became a non-executive Director of HR & Diversity Management Limited. Not many people knew this.  On 16th January 2005, delighted at the prospect of formally working closer with Christine, Tim sent an email to her containing the following statement, which he subsequently placed on his website but which has since been taken down:

Christine, how about this jolly little bio:

Tim Field, Non-Executive Director
Tim is a Non-Executive Director of HR & Diversity Management and is the founder of the first UK National Helpline for targets of bullying. He is the creator and webmaster of Bully OnLine at, the world’s largest Internet resource on workplace bullying and related issues. Tim has been awarded two honorary doctorates for his pioneering work on identifying and addressing bullying. He has extensive experience of in-house training and public seminars for employees, employers and trade unions. He is the author of the book “Bully in Sight” and has worked as a consultant to the BBC on a number of programmes highlighting bullying. Tim Field and Christine Pratt are founder members of The Field Foundation, a non-profit organisation established to carry on Tim’s pioneering work with the aim of bringing about a bully-free world.

Hope this helps!

Tim’s statement (above) along with all reference to HR & Diversity Management Limited and the good work that Tim and Christine achieved together, have been deleted from bullyonline.

At the end of April 2005 Tim informed Christine that he felt emotionally exhausted.  Tim was worried about his future.  Having endured divorce and workplace bullying, struggling to fund bullyonline and going through a particularly traumatic court case involving the Trade Unions – Tim was not surprisingly quite stressed.    Christine emailed Tim on Tuesday 3rd May 2005 and enquired after his health.  Tim responded.

Bearing up – I think I’m in need of HRT (technically it’s called andropause), so I’m taking a bit of a break at the moment. Had a great day on Saturday – attended an Angel Therapy workshop in London led by Doreen Virtue (
Fancy a get-together sometime?
All the best,

It goes without saying, Tim and Christine were extremely close friends.  In fact it was Christine who Tim turned to during the weekend commencing Saturday 5th October when he felt particularly unwell.  Tim and his wife were estranged at that time and Tim was living in Didcott, Oxfordshire.   Tim was taken into hospital the following Monday and had emergency surgery on Tuesday.  On Wednesday 9th October 2005 Tim’s Consultant approached his bedside and informed him that he was terminally ill.  Christine was present. Tim smiled and turned to the Consultant saying; “I’m not going anywhere just yet, I have at least three more books left in me to write”.

Unfortunately, Tim was far too ill to complete his good work.  When Tim was well enough to leave hospital, Christine and her husband, David, nursed him at their home in Swindon, Wiltshire.  A few weeks later, realising that time was of the essence, Christine helped Tim reconcile with his ex-wife in order that Tim could be transferred to Rawtenstall to spend Christmas and New Year 2006, and his final days, with his children.  During this period, Tim handed Christine an envelope containing the passwords to his website ‘bullyonline’.    He entrusted his website into her  care.  At Tim’s funeral Christine felt it appropriate to pass that envelope to the Field family, who subsequently passed  it on to a third party.  None of this, nor the personal or professional relationship between Tim, Christine and David, is acknowledged by those who manage bullyonline today.

In January 2006 The Guardian wrote; ‘Field believed that bullying was the single most important social issue of today, and that its study provided an opportunity to understand the behaviours which underlie almost all conflict and violence. His work inspired and influenced international anti-bullying organisations, while his personal energy, commitment and knowledge restored sanity and saved lives’.

Christine promised Tim that she would merge his bullying advice line with HR & Diversity Management’s employee helpline and consider establishing a Voluntary bullying helpline/Charity.  Tim gave this his blessing.

In order to continue the good work that Tim and Christine established a FREE Employee and Employee Workplace Bullying Helpline in order to provide practical and timely information to those who struggle with bullying issues – to include employees, line management and newly appointed supervisors and heads of department.  Today, HR & Diversity Management focuses on, and specialises in, the area of  conflict resolution in the workplace.

Tim’s children will always be welcome to look at unpublished works, letters, emails, post-cards, photographs, letters and other correspondence between their father and Christine and David Pratt.  These memoirs will give them a ‘true insight’ into their father’s life; his interests, his own plans for the future (which included them) and his dedication and commitment to his anti-bullying work during the last ten years of his life.

Thank you Tim for sharing your insight and for providing unconditional support to simply thousands of people all around the world.  Rest In Peace.

For a copy of BULLY IN SIGHT email