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In 2010-11 the cost to the taxpayer of running employment tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal in England, Wales and Scotland was more than £84m, according to the Ministry of Justice.

The Treasury said that more than 80% of applications made to an employment tribunal did not result in a full hearing. Almost 40% of applicants withdrew their cases, but employers still had to pay legal fees in preparing a defence.  It is not known how many of the 40% withdrawn cases settled ‘out of court’ or what the figure is.

During 2010 there were 236,000 employment tribunal claims of which only some were unfair dismissal claims, with an average award for successful complainants of £8,900


8 in 10 workers are affected by Workplace Bullying

80% of managers know that Bullying is occurring in their workplace.
Few admitted being involved though.

49% of managers have suffered bullying themselves.

37% of managers say they have had no proper management training.

Bullying affects 1 in 4 people in the workplace, today.

The average cost to an employer of going to Tribunal is £16,000

Tribunal Statistics rose last year.

BERR alleges that disputes cost the UK £120 million per annum

19 million sick days are lost due to bullying per anum.

Sickness absence is costing the UK : £13 billion per annum

The truth is; companies all over Britain are losing excellent staff and huge amounts of money at the hands of bullying and its related issues.

The good news is all this waste is needless and all of the products of bullying are preventable.


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