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Employers, if you work with Recruitment Agencies, you should read this.  

Do you work with Recruitment Agencies? If you do, when entering into a working relationship with an Employment Agency,  please ensure you read the small print in the Client Terms of Business – particularly the bit about liability, responsibility and accountability.  

Some candidates lie to secure work. This is  a fact.  In this economical climate we need to be particularly careful.  There is a scramble for employment presently.  An average of 50 people apply for every single job vacancy in the UK today. 

If a temporary or permanent applicant has a criminal background, or has lied on their CV, how will you know?   Recently, one of our clients (a small employer)  had his fingers particularly badly burnt by placing his trust in a Recruitment Consultant.  Our client recruited a temporary worker and the Agency ‘lulled the employer into a false sense of security’ by allowing him to believe that they (the Agency)  routinely screened all candidates.  They did not.  The candidate introduced by the Agency had a criminal past.  The candidate’s CV was largely fabricated.  The Agency should have known this! 

This does not apply to all Recruitment Agencies.

Don’t assume the Recruitment Agency will necessarily help if the matter comes to light after damage has been done to your business, or professional reputation,  as a direct result of employing a ‘rotten egg’.   Even where the Agency has allowed you to believe that they have conducted screening and recruitment checks, when the “chips are down” the Agency is likely to point out that it is ‘the Employer’s responsibility’ to do all recruitment reference checks!   Technically, they may be right.  So, make sure you carry out these routine ‘vetting and checking’ procedures in-house (or by an outsourced HR department if necessary). 


If an Agency you work with claims that they ‘routinely’ screen all their candidates, ask what this entails.  Ask, exactly, what lengths they go to.  Don’t assume anything.  Don’t sign Agency Terms of Business that use fuzzy words like ‘we check the identity’ of all candidates , ‘we ensure they have the right skills’ or ‘we ensure reasonable standards of skills, integrity and reliability from the worker’ and/or even ‘the agency will obtain and offer to provide; copies of relevant qualifications, references .. and have taken all reasonably practicable steps to confirm that the Temporary Worker is suitable for the Assignment’.  

Unless an Agency has conducted thorough checks they are not in a position to make these promises to you.  The only way an Agency can do all this is by conducting thorough recruitment, CRB and even credit checks.  If the Agency is unable to satisfactorily demonstrate that they have conducted these screening processes then, in our view,  they are not in a position to make sweeping and misleading statements.

At the end of the day you are paying the Recruitment Agency good money to provide you with employee’s who will help you take your company from strength to strength – or not, as the case may be – if you have been deceived through the recruitment process by an organisation you placed your complete trust in.

Not all agencies are unethical, by any means. 

We work closely with a number of reliable and honorable Recruitment Consultants who provide a most professional service to the business community. 

All we are saying is ‘take care’ and ‘keep safe’.


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