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87% of managers cannot motivate. 

86% of managers have no integrity. 80% are poor communicators.  Really?

There are a number of ways in which we can help you train your managerial teams.  For a start, it is our view that anyone who has employment in a management job where they are managing staff, should have mandatory, basic, leadership and line management training.  That is not to say that they are required to become experts in employment law, but they certainly need to be able to manage the day to day operational requirements of managing staff that go with the territory.

The findings of a 2011 survey conducted by Korn/Ferry Whitehead Mann suggests that ; 87% of managers cannot motivate, 86% of managers have no integrity and 80% of managers are poor communicators.  Whether this is true, or not, we want to help you ensure that your workforce do not hold this opinion of your organisation.

We provide Leadership and Diversity Management training.  We are also rolling out ‘Workplace Investigation’ training which we have been delivering across the NHS. (Full details will follow). Meanwhile please see Testimonials to get a feel for what we have been doing recently.

CASE STUDY: Mr J was a likable and popular employee who worked in an open plan office for a Corporate IT organisation based in London.  He was promoted to Supervisor due to both his product knowledge/skills and his positive rapport with both colleagues and management.  Thrilled with his new responsibilities, Mr J was determined to prove himeself a fit and competent Supervisor.  Prior to his promotion, Mr J had joined in all the departmental banter.  He was extremely well liked and even regarded by some of his colleagues as a personal friends.   Shortly after being promoted, Mr J became aware that a racist, but seemingly harmless,  joke was being openly emailed around the multicultural team.  Mr J was included in the circulation and, knowing that the joke was a breach of company policies,  found himself in a dilemma.  Reluctant to appear a ‘party-pooper’ in front of his colleagues and chums,  Mr J did nothing.  However, Ms S, an Asian born tele-sales representative working in the same department, was extremely offended by the joke.  At this point the joking was regarded as a form of  both Sex and Race discrimination and certainly Harassment.  Further, Ms S felt it was inappropriate that the Supervisor appeared to condone the behaviour because he took no action.  The incident was raised with a Director who asked Mr J if there was any substance to the allegation.  Mr J, inexperienced in managing contentious issues, explained how he had wanted to put a stop to the email ‘jokes and banter’ but didn’t want to alienate himself from his team. 

HR & Diversity Management was called in to deliver some diversity and leadership training in this organisation.  We put on specific 1 to 1 development training to ensure that Mr J knew how to  handle such situations in future.  This was appreciated by the Company, was of minimial cost and resolved the situation to the extent that Mr J has has since gone from strength to strength within the company.  Today, he is both a popular and successful senior manager.


 We are running a series of Diversity Training across the NHS and public sector which is applicable to all employers. Our 1 day course focuses on the Grievance and Disciplinary Investigations and sets out a 20-Step procedure for HR and line managers to follow. The training includes Case Law, Employment Law, in-house policies, confidentiality and Data Protection, performance management, capability versus conduct, bullying and harassment, collective bullying and collusion – and external factors to consider that may account for conflicts and irrational workplace conduct.

Managers are left with sample letters and procedures to follow which will give them the knowledge, confidence and tools to enable them to manage a contentious scenario.

We also provide an Independent Investigation Service.

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