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1. Initial discussions : No charge

Initial telephone discussion with Senior Management ie: CEO, HR or Operations Director to brainstorm course of action. Time: 1 – 2 hours.

2. HR & DM Select Plan : £3,000 + VAT and reasonable expenses

Initial meeting/discussion.  Agree Terms of Reference.  Review documentation available; ie Policies and complaint documents.  Interview x 6 persons. Complainant, alleged perpetrator plus 4 witnesses/employees. Administration, confirming appointments, consent process & statement taking. Considering evidence and documentation. Drawing up outline Recommendations.

3. Additional work : £800 per day + VAT and reasonable expenses

Interviewing further witnesses – up to 4 per day. Review broader picture; culture, history, external factors (20-Step Guide).  Prepare full Management Report & Recommendations paper.  Present findings to CEO/HR team and management.  Implement or assist with implementing recommendations. 

Diversity Training: Training of HR, line managers and in-house Trade Unions to nip contentious issues ‘in the bud’ – this includes policy training, Case Studies and an update on statutory laws : 1 day course.

In-House Investigation Training: Training HR, line managers and in-house Trade Unions how to carry out workplace investigations : 2 day course.

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