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eCRIME is any form of abuse using technology including (not exclusively) cyberbullying, on-line stalking, mobbing, trolling, harassment etc.  Typically, eCRIME abuse involves mobile phones, Facebook and social media sites. eCRIME affects adults and children alike and is a most serious, escalating, issue in the workplace today.

Does your organisation have a Social Media Policy that addresses eCRIME?

What is cyberbullying?  Is cyberbullying abuse causing you personal anxiety? Is someone at work bullying or harassing you using technology? Is cyberbullying harassment at work an issue? Are you suffering with stress or work related stress as a result of cyberbullying or abuse through technology?  Has your doctor signed you off with workplace stress?   Is the cost of it all impacting on your home life and your general welfare?  Here we talk in depth about cyberbullying and how you can help eliminate it.

If any of these sound familiar, please read on.  We may be able to help you.


We are often asked ‘what is cyberbullying’ exactly. Cyberbullying is ‘bullying using technology’.  Simply that !  Any form of abuse or bullying (bulling) using modern technology ie: via social media sites such as Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or even via mobile phones or from one computer to another.  A great deal of cyberbullying is anonymous. 

As with bullying, cyber bullying is antisocial and unacceptable.  It is a conduct that is intended to cause as much pain and hurt as possible to the person being bullied or target/s.  It is also abuse of power – the bully choses a target or targets and abuses them either a) via his/her use of technology or b) his/her position within the social media forum, in order to attack individuals.


Cyberbullying is not just a kids thing, it affects us all – as indeed bullying does.  In a world of technology where over 80% of homes have computers, accessing the internet, and internet safety, has become part of our daily routine. 

Our Government urged us to be cautious of Cybercrime and terrorist attacks – but we fear the risk of attack comes from much closer to home.  Every day we hear or read of stories where children have been bullied on Facebook.


Here we talk about cyberbullying at work. Work related cyberbullying is usually carried out on Facebook or via blogs.  We have known more than one disgruntled employee (or ex-employee) to blog a former line manager, colleague or organisation.  Why?  Because they can.  Usually they feel that the internal grievance or disciplinary process has ‘let them down’ so they use technology to vent their anger and frustration.

So, how can you stop bullying, especially cyberbullying?

Well, we believe we will never, completely, eliminate bullying however it manifests itself.  What we can do is give you practical tips and advice to help you ‘manage’ it.  For example, a well-worded Social Media or IT Policy will contain a cyberbullying clause.  A well-worded Compromise Agreement will also contain an appropriate clause.  While these measure will never stop cybercrime, they will act as a deterrent.

Call us for further information about cyberbullying or for a template policy to incorporate into your company personnel policies and procedures.

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