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Bullying – In the Right Place

February 1, 2015

Bullying – In the Right Place   No matter how long you have been seaching the Internet for a solution as to what to do about Bullying in the Workplace, you are now in the ‘Right Place’. You really need to talk to Christine Pratt at 07734 701221 and she will use all her years […]

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What To Start With

May 7, 2014

What To Start With   There are several things anyone can do if they are being bullied, especially in the workplace. First – Intent. Is the Bullying a one-off incident or is it part of an on-going intentional behaviour intended to upset you? If it is a ‘One off’ then take a view that none […]

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Bullied at Work?

April 29, 2014

Bullied at Work? We still receive many requests from employees that are being bullied in the workplace. We help all of them where we can and the vast majority are very happy with what we do. But we are still mystified at the number of people that we meet that mention in conversation that they […]

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Shocking Number

April 4, 2014

Shocking Number. An extraordinary quote from The Times yesterday April 3rd 2014: “Being bullied at work is an abuse endured by a shocking number of women in Britain, a ground-breaking report reveals today. The survey of 21,500 women, aged 28 to 40, discloses that more than half, 52 percent, have suffered bullying and harassment at […]

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It doesn’t go away

April 3, 2014

It doesn’t go away. No, unfortunately if you are being bullied at work it will never go away of its own accord. But you can always do something about it. Take Action. Come on, its Spring now and we are past one of the wettest winters on record and into a brighter time all round. […]

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Covert Workplace Recordings

March 25, 2014

COVERT WORKPLACE RECORDINGS A ruling in the Punjab National Bank v Gosain Case has completely flipped this ‘double sided coin’ when considering whether covert recordings in the workplace may be admitted as Tribunal evidence.  In this case, contrary to earlier rulings, both the Tribunal and the EAT (Employee Appeal Tribunal) allowed a secret conversation to […]

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WWW Weekend Without Worry

March 21, 2014

WWW Weekend Without Worry Whilst most of us are looking forward to www there are some, may even be many that are going into this weekend worrying about what they are leaving behind at work. They may have been the target of bullying by other people during the week. Bosses, comrades, co-workers, Supervisors, Line Managers, […]

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Going up Market

March 13, 2014

Going up Market   We have been supporting many clients with the preparation of Settlement Agreement over the immediate and longer term past period of time. We are pleased to say that final negotiations have been on a Win-Win basis and ended amicably. But, with a few exceptions, this has tended to be at the […]

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Weekend tomorrow

March 7, 2014

Weekend Tomorrow Yes Friday is with us again and most of us are looking forward to the weekend. Spending time with our loved ones and perhaps friends. But it is also time to sit down and have a good think about the progress of life. Especially if you are not happy with your work environment. […]

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Leaving Employment Positively

March 4, 2014

Leaving Employment Positively   In times past there was a concept of ‘jobs for life’ and you were looked down on if you had a ‘change’ of job. But those were times past. Life has changed and provided you don’t change jobs every 20 minutes, moving on is seen as a career development by onlookers. […]

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