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What To Start With


There are several things anyone can do if they are being bullied, especially in the workplace.

First – Intent. Is the Bullying a one-off incident or is it part of an on-going intentional behaviour intended to upset you? If it is a ‘One off’ then take a view that none of us are perfect and walk away. If it is part of an on-going saga of regular bullying then its different.

Second, if you have not already done so just go up to the Bully and tell them to stop. Remember the saying, ‘Bullies bully because they can’. Frequently if you respond and tell them that you won’t stand for it, they will stop and go and find someone who will put up with it.

Third, as we have said before in this blog, don’t just take it – do something about it. If you are in the workplace, start by keeping a diary of what was said or done to you. You will need this as evidence later. Record the fact that you have asked the bully to stop.

Fourth, if it doesn’t stop, report it to your immediate superior. If it is your superior that is the problem, speak to his/her boss. If this fails put in a Formal Grievance, stating all the facts from your diary.

Remember, your employer, By Law, has to provide you with a safe place to work – both physically and mentally. Your employer HAS to respond to a Formal Grievance.

If you need help call Christine Pratt on 07734 701221. She will help you write a Grievance if needed, and always has plenty of ideas. She has been helping people like you since 1996.

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