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Weekend Tomorrow

Yes Friday is with us again and most of us are looking forward to the weekend. Spending time with our loved ones and perhaps friends. But it is also time to sit down and have a good think about the progress of life. Especially if you are not happy with your work environment. Maybe you don’t enjoy going to work. If you don’t, spend some time thinking about what is wrong and what you need to do to put things right.

Maybe its work colleagues that are making life difficult. If it is make a resolution to go and confront them. Tell them how you feel and ask them to consider how they are treating you. It might make all the difference, and in our experience it often works.

However, if you are being bullied you definitely must do something about it. Well there are 3 things to consider:

First, do nothing about it. Result: it will just get worse and worse until you have a breakdown. We do not recommend this.

Second, you can resign and leave the organisation. Result: you will cut off your income and may find it difficult to get another job and/or replace your current income. But you will get away from the bullying. We do not recommend this.

Third, you can get help. The first step would be to call the National Bullying Helpline and talk to Christine Pratt. She has been through atrocious bullying and has been helping victims of bullying for nearly 20 years. She can empathise with you as she has been exactly where you are now. She did something about it and resolved her situation. It can be done. TAKE ACTION NOW. Call Christine on 0845 22 55 787 or visit the NationalBullyingHelpline and read about your options.

Finally do enjoy your weekend!


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