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Shocking Number.

An extraordinary quote from The Times yesterday April 3rd 2014:

“Being bullied at work is an abuse endured by a shocking number of women in Britain, a ground-breaking report reveals today. The survey of 21,500 women, aged 28 to 40, discloses that more than half, 52 percent, have suffered bullying and harassment at work in the last 3 years…..”

First, many thanks to the Times for their article quoted above, and also to Opportunity Now for commissioning the Project 28-40 survey at the end of last year.

Secondly, its about time that employers accept that more than half of employed women in that age group are maltreated. Is this information new and groundbreaking to a vast number of employers? No of course it isn’t, but it has been swept under the carpet by many. Shame on them, but also a pity that most are not benefiting from the progressive input that women can make to the ambitious organisation struggling in the face of strong competition. Its their loss.

In HR & Diversity Management Ltd, yes, we are owned and run by a forward thinking woman, Christine Pratt, we look to help anyone suffering from maltreatment in the workplace. Certainly we have dealt with and supported many women working under the hardships outlined in Project 18-40.

If you feel you are being wrongly treated at work, regardless of your age, please do get in touch with Christine Pratt who will lend an empathetic ear to your situation. She can be contacted via email at or just call her on 07734 701221.

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