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It doesn’t go away.

No, unfortunately if you are being bullied at work it will never go away of its own accord.

But you can always do something about it. Take Action. Come on, its Spring now and we are past one of the wettest winters on record and into a brighter time all round. So, what can you do?

Well the first thing is to just confront the bully and ask him/her why they are bullying you? Its surprising, that if bullies see that you won’t put up with it they stop! Try it – there is no downside!

Don’t keep it to yourself. Tell someone in your workplace in authority. Your immediate superior, or if (s)he is the problem, go tell their superior or, Human Resources.

If this doesn’t work or the ultimate owner of the business is involved go to the websites and/or and take advice from Christine Pratt, probably the leading authority on workplace bullying in the UK.

Then, if you don’t find a solution there, call Christine Pratt on 07734 70122107734 701221 and she will help you. You will find that she will listen to you and give helplful advice. Its very easy just lift the phone dial the number and she will help. You have to Take Action if you want bullying to stop.

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