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Going up Market


We have been supporting many clients with the preparation of Settlement Agreement over the immediate and longer term past period of time. We are pleased to say that final negotiations have been on a Win-Win basis and ended amicably.

But, with a few exceptions, this has tended to be at the lower salary ranges of employee, where the motivation on both sides to conclude has been real.

However, since the turn of the year, 2014 is seeing a shift in the salary range of employees seeking our help with Settlement Agreement conclusions. Strangely, the organisations we have been working with seem not to give their, senior, employees credence for self protection in cases reported to us. Many have tried to short cut dismissal procedures, many have colluded against the employee and many have allegedly given little respect to the ACAS code of conduct.

Really this post is a plea to employers. If you do need to release employees for whatever reason, do remember that third party help and support is seen by employees as unbiased and more likely to deliver a fair resolution.

Employers, it will cost you nothing to just call and talk to Christine Pratt on 07734 701221. She will give you a view, at least, of a cost effective and workable solution.

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