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Bullied at Work?

We still receive many requests from employees that are being bullied in the workplace. We help all of them where we can and the vast majority are very happy with what we do.

But we are still mystified at the number of people that we meet that mention in conversation that they are being bullied at work but do nothing about it.

If this is you just lets discuss your situation. First, there are three options for you to choose from: 1. You can do nothing. The bullying will get worse, because bullies bully because they can. The outcome for you will be stress and distress until you are hospitalised with a breakdown.

2. You can resign. This is not a good solution because you will then have the pressure of getting another job, and you may not succeed in doing so for some time.

3. You can fight the situation. Your employer is legally bound to provide you with a safe place to work, both mentally and physically. Employers have a set of procedures to follow, the first of which is a Formal Grievance.

Now, Christine Pratt is probably the country’s leading expert in submitting formal Grievance letters and can bring to an end the bullying you are under.

Just think what it will be like when you can go to work with no care in the working world and you can do an excellent job for your employer. And then come home happy and relaxed with a smile on your face.

All you need to do to get to this happy place is call Christine Pratt on 07734 70122107734 701221 or email her at

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