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There are a number of ways to tackle bullying today.   First, there are a number of initiatives and things you can do to protect yourself.  We encourage children to C.R.I.  ie: to Confront, Record & Inform.  These triggers may enable you to deal with a difficult situation before matters escalate.

COMMUNICATE:  Tell the person who is bullying you how you feel.  Put it in writing if necessary.  They cannot then say, later, that they did not know how you felt – which is often a cop-out when the bully is confronted.

RECORD:  A diary is evidence.  Keep a record of the bullying behaviour.  Do not remove any data from your place of work without the consent of your employer (we have known individuals to do this).  Just keep your own, personal, record and register the facts of the case, names, dates, details and names of witnesses.

INFORM: If the bullying continues and you feel you need to seek external support, inform someone you trust.  Speak to a line manager or a colleague you trust.  If matters do escalate, you may need to trigger the formal Grievance process. Write to your employer and inform them of the facts and how you feel. Follow the Company Grievance policy or the Company Bullying & Harassment policy.  Alternatively, call us for FREE advice.


Employment Laws now provide a degree of protection in the workplace and Company Policies and Procedures are now in place in most organisations across the UK. These should provide an immediate source of redress and remedy.   Of course, not every organisation abides by those policies, procedures and statutory laws.

Call us if you need to clarify a point on procedure or on an employee’s statutory rights and / or an employers Duty of Care and legal responsibility.


Employers, we provide independent workplace investigations.  All our investigators are CIPD qualified. We have full Indemnity Insurance.  We have a proven, successful, track record spanning over a decade and we are able to provide testimonials.

Caution: Please ensure that the person or persons who advises you or your organsation is either a qualified Employment Law expert or a trained and qualified HR consultant.  Bullying has become ‘big business’ over recent years and there are a lot of individuals who have found themselves out of work over recent years so have set themselves up as ‘experts’ on the subject of bullying just because they have been bullied personally and therefore regard themselves as an ‘authoritative’  or expert on the subject.


We have established a firm relationship with a number of Employment Law Solicitors and would be pleased to refer your case.  We do operate on a referral fee basis in some cases.  Ask us about this.

Telephone 07734 701221 or Email:


ACAS may also be able to assist you. You can call the ACAS Helpline on 0300 123 1100 who, like our own Employee Helpline, provide FREE and impartial advice to ensure you understand options open to you.

Consider also: Citizens Advice and other dispute resolution service providers in your immediate area.

Don’t struggle in silence.