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We are a Claims Management Regulated HR Consultancy providing an A-Z in HR professional services, specialising in Workplace Investigations, Case Assessments and Settlement Agreements.  We address all aspects of workplace bullying, Conflict Resolution and Employee Relations including and provide an Outsourced HR Department service. We also run a FREE Helpline for Employees and Employers who struggle with bullying at work issues.  The majority of our work involves carrying out Independent Workplace Investigations We have many years experience in this field and our advisers are all Employment Law qualified with specialist knowledge in how to enhance performance through conflict and conflict resolution methodologies in the workplace.

We  believe that any business is only as good as the skills and expertise within it. At HR & Diversity Management we know how to resolve conflict as we have a whole wealth of expertise  – in both the public and private sector. 

The first and most important thing to remember in business is that your people are more important than your product. Without a motivated team you would lose competitive edge, you would fail to attract the right level of skills and your business would falter. The second thing to appreciate and respect is the need for ‘legally compliant’ and ‘well communicated’ management procedures; proper induction and retention programmes, up to date IT and employment policies and up to date dispute resolution procedures. Ensure your managers are competent and equipped to oversee, manage and develop these two essential aspects of your business.

We understand the importance of Confidentiality.  We also understand terms such as ‘Conflict of Interest’ and ‘Collusion’ –  terms which are often misunderstood or inappropriately used.  We have full Indemnity Insurance also – as well as a wealth of expertise and a trained team of qualified experts, on hand to help YOU.



We specialise in disciplinary and grievance workplace investigations – providing independent and impartial investigations.  Please see our workplace investigations section for fuller details. When an employer, business owner, line manager, supervisor or head of department needs to investigate an employee grievance or conduct a disciplinary investigation – it pays to engage an impartial and experienced investigator. See why by clicking; workplace investigations for further information call 07734 701221.


We are a Claims Management Regulated company (CMR No. 40033).  Where there is divide and working relationships are strained, we would  start by carrying out a Case Assessment.  We focus on Employment Law, Case Law, in-house policies and business risk.  Following this we would offer to engage on a Without Prejudice basis with the parties, where the parties were willing to enter into talks ‘off the record’ with a view to settling any dispute amicably.  Call us on 07734 701221 if you would like to know more about how we can help you.

Whether you are the Employee or the Employer – we can help you reach an amicable resolution.


We also provide an A-Z in HR professional services listed on our Experience & Expertise page. Our services include advice relating to; personnel policies, employment law advice, capability and conduct, mediation, stress management, absence management, high turnover of staff, employment tribunals, redundancy, employee development, employee relations, recruitment and retention, leadership and line management training, change management, diversity awareness, training, grievance and disciplinary management, grievance and disciplinary investigations, corporate cyber-crime and cyber-bullying. In fact, we provide a ‘soup to nuts’ service in personnel management. 

Have a look at our section on Employment Law and Case Law.

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